About Me

Photography can inspire anyone, no matter who you are.
Quick summary:
Hello, my name is Blousy-marie Haorang, I was born in Thailand on the 15th of May 1998, half Thai and half British, I am 17 years old and my biggest passion in life right now is photography. I also love to travel, which you will see in a lot of photos that I have snapped whilst on fantastic journeys.
This photo was taken in Burma 2013/2014, its truly paradise. Left: My Brother, Centre: Me, Right: My Mother
IMG_8650 copy
Where it all began…
As I started secondary school, in 2009,  I had no clue what so ever about photography, I was not interested at all. Until I had some family problems which caused me, my mum and my brother to set sail on an amazing travelling adventure to India in December 2011, I was 13 years old! We travelled for 6 weeks all around the south on India. whilst in Hampi we met a young spanish woman who inspired me to get into the world of photography, she taught me all the basics about a DSLR camera, and from there we bought a Canon EOS 1100D in Bangalore on our way back home, but now I use a Canon EOS 60D.
This is Hampi 2011/2012. In this picture I took is my brother and the amazing woman who inspired me to do photography!

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