Fierce cat

Last year I did a short brief based on macro photography, which I love. I enjoyed shooting macro shots and decided to capture my friends cat as the brief also revolved around nature photography. I love macro photography because it allows the viewer to see what the naked eye sometimes can’t see and it also helps creates some amazing images.Fierce cat


A city full of layers

I took this photograph whilst doing a project in college this year, which was based around ‘People, places and a brooding city’. This was one of my final images which I composed of Hull. I decided to incorporate lots of different places from Hull into one image, I also chose to include a photograph of the Humber Bridge which was photographed at night, therefore I was able to capture the lights! I love photography and hope to carry on loving it for the rest of my life.A city full of layers


Today I had my first day at college. We didn’t do much as we’re just getting into the swing of things but I took this picture, I thought I’d take a picture in monochrome for a change as most of my pictures are usually bright and colourful. I like the college far more than my secondary school already because it’s more laid back and everyone has at least one thing in common, which is our love for photography. This year is going to be a good year.