Double exposure

I am now in my second year of college and I have just finished a project on ‘People, Places and a Brooding city’ this consisted of a lot of architectural photography, which I loved photographing and learning about, but one section in my project focused on double exposure images and combining people and places into one image. I’m afraid I don’t have a camera that allows me to create double exposure images in camera, so i decided to create my using Photoshop. The model in my image is my brother who also writes a blog but about travelling. The other photograph used in this image was taken in my home town Hull.Double exposure



This photograph was taken a while ago for college. We had to create different ghosting effects using a slow shutter speed. I liked this one out of all the photographs we took because it can be relatable with people in life today, the ghost could symbolise problems, stress or just your mood at a certain point in the day. It also shows that these problems wont turn up unless you’re looking for them, almost like ghosts.ghost


This is one of my many favourite pictures from my travels to Burma/Myanmar. I love it because it shows the sheer length of her neck, yet I hate this picture because the Long Neck Tribe women only do this to make themselves to look beautiful, which I hate because although their society is so different from ours it is yet so similar, as our society and generation alter ourselves to make other people happy and to make ourselves feel beautiful like The Long Neck Tribe. In my opinion nobody should alter themselves drastically to make themselves feel beautiful or to prove to other people they are beautiful when they already are beautiful.



I love this picture because I think it shows the true culture of Burma because without these people Burma wouldn’t be Burma. I also love this picture because it shows how far back and how untouched from the western society Burma is, which I admire. She uses old fashioned scales with weights to measure out how much the customer wants and she is also freshly chopping and cutting the fish right in front of you, at least you know that its all fresh! Market

Life is precious

Some people take like for granted and some use life to its full potential. Yes it is up to you what you do with your life and what decisions you make but please do not make someone else’s life miserable just because of you. Its their life they should be able to live it how they want to, after all you wouldn’t want someone else to do that to your life when you could live it to the full. Don’t dampen other peoples happiness and most of all your own!

Life is precious

Single mother

This is the little boys mother. I can’t even start to understand or imagine what its like to be a single parent, yet a single homeless parent trying to have the best future for her very young son and daughter. Im not going to lie and pretend that I know how she feels because I don’t but one thing I do know for certain is that when your happy nothing else matters! I tried to make them all happy but I cannot judge if I did that. You can just see the emotion in her face.

Single mother

Forest fairy

This is one of my best friends. This photo is from a shoot I did a long time ago when I was first getting to grips with photography. I tried to go for a mother nature/a forest fairy shoot. This was the first ever photo shoot I had done with people and I thought it was great, it only encouraged me on to do more!

The groom

This is one of my favourite wedding photos I took. I think it shows how much the groom is trying to pretend that he isn’t nervous, after all this is the biggest, most special day of his life. Its weird how you can love someone that much you would want to spend the rest of your life with that one person who was once a stranger to you.

The groom ready for his big day!

Burmese fisherman

This cultural picture is of a Burmese fisherman. One of the most iconic pictures you will see that it associated with Burma, whilst in Burma some people just travel to the beautiful Inle Lake to get a picture that most people who have travelled there already have. But people should be going to admire the floating houses, workshops and the amazing people, and to think that they have made everything so that it can sustain on water! If you have any travelling enquieries don’t hesitate to ask!

Burmese fisherman.

Child of Burma

This is a child I met whilst in Burma, he was the nicest boy I have ever met and certainty the cutest! Unfortunately him, his mother and his little sister were all homeless. When I look at professional photographers photos of people dyeing, ill or homeless I always think did they even try to do anything to help them? Even if they cant save them totally did they at least try? And this is why whenever we take a photo of homeless people or even just see any we try to help them that little bit, or even just try and make their day that one bit better.